No Mundial de 2020 (realizado em fevereiro de 2021) o site da FIFA publicou post com um imagem de seu Instagram anos antes.

Nessa postagem do Insta, a FIFA apontava que o Palmeiras 65 anos atrás, “tornava-se o primeiro campeão intercontinental de clubes“.

O link do post é esse:…/superheroesingreen.

O texto, no original extraído do site da FIFA está abaixo.

Global glory for ‘The Big Green’

Year: 1951 Superhero: Liminha Heroes: Fabio Crippa, Waldemar Fiume, Canhotinho, Jair Rosa Pinto, Rodrigues. Coach: Ventura Cambon

A world championship had been dreamed of and discussed for years by some of football’s foremost shot-callers – Jules Rimet, Ottorino Barassi and Stanley Rous among them – and was finally scheduled for 1951 in Brazil, which had recently hosted the FIFA World Cup™. The eight-team competition involved some of Europe’s top teams, Uruguayan behemoths Nacional and Brazilian duo Vasco da Gama and Palmeiras, who qualified as Rio-Sao Paulo Tournament winners.

The favourites were Juventus, who boasted an exceptional attack featuring Karl Aage Hansen, Karl Aage Praest, John Hansen and Giampiero Boniperti, and Vasco, who supplied eight members of Brazil’s World Cup squad the previous year. The duo’s status as favourites was strengthened in the group stage, with the Carioca colossuses thrashing Sporting Lisbon and Austria Vienna 5-1 and the Turin titans thumping Palmeiras 4-0.

The Paulista powerhouses, however, had other ideas and, brushing aside injury blows, beat Vasco 2-1 over 180 minutes in the semi-finals and stunned Juve 1-0 in the first leg of the final. Rio de Janeiro was packed on the day of the decider, with a reported 10,000 Italians cramming into its hotels, certain Juventus would emerge triumphant. Yet Liminha, a 21-year-old who had began the tournament on the bench, helped set up the first equaliser and scored a late, title-clinching goal in a 2-2 draw in front of over 100,000 at the Maracana.

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